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All modern cons available:

- wifi
- Dishwasher
- Microwave
- Kettle
- Cable TV channels
- Flat screen TV
- Washing machine
- Dryer
- Iron
- Iron board
- Coffee maker
Bed linens and towels provided.
Gallery ( 16 )

Date of Stay  12 November, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"Spacious, clean, safe and quiet"

I think there is no better place to stay comfortably more than Tiziana's place!

Author: Hiroshi

Date of Stay 2 November, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"Very nice"

I had a great time in this apartment. Everything was just like the pictures you see. A very nice place and very clean. There was enough space and looked very nice. I can't think of anything that can be better.

Author: Maaike

Date of Stay 27 October, 2016 – Grosvenor Road

"Great location"

The flat location is great. Pimlico station is about 400 m away. Grosvenor road has quite heavy traffic so some noise existed at night time especially in the iving room. Battersea Park is nearby for some jogging. Altogether the flat suited for our purposes greatly. Everything  went as agreed.

Author: Erkki


Date of Stay 2 June, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"Comfortable, modern, lovely decor, quiet, clean"

We felt very welcomed and it was great to be immersed in a suburban neighborhood. Good position to reach points of interest via the underground.

Author: Paige

Date of Stay 20 May, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"We loved our stay in this flat"

This Bermondsey flat was our home away from home for 9 nights. We are three American sisters ages 57-60 who found the perfect place that afforded privacy and safety with affordable rates. It's beautifully renovated, in a locked, secure building that's only eight minutes' walk to the Bermondsey underground Tube station. We loved our stay in this flat, where we were welcomed by Alicja. After reviewing the house rules and answering our questions she handed over the keys. There was only one minor issue which Alicja handled by calling a plumber to address low water pressure in one bathroom. It was an easy fix and did not interfere with our stay. There is a great little deck attached to the flat, overlooking the walled courtyard....perfect for enjoying the cool mornings and evenings. Please keep in mind that voices carry when outside so keep conversations low. Otherwise, the neighbors may be disturbed. The kitchen is a dream, well equipped & upgraded with all new high end appliances and a Bosch stove and gas cooktop. Groceries may be purchased at the nearby food market, less than 10 minutes away. The 3 comfortable bedrooms and 3 full baths are perfect for families or, as in our case, a ladies getaway. Our beds were extremely comfortable. There is a good hairdryer in the middle bedroom as well as a washer and dryer combo in the utility closet. Plenty of cleaning supplies are at hand so we were able to maintain the flat during our 9 night stay. Garbage bin access is through a locked door outside of the building. Across the road from the flat is friendly Southwark Park, one of London's hidden gems. It is beautiful, a place full of gardens and a pond, plus walking and running much to see and do there. We strongly recommend the park Cafe for excellent home cooked meals. Try the Sunday roast!! Back to the flat: we felt right at home in the clean, newly renovated surroundings. Next door is a primary school, and they're good neighbors. As for safety, this is a neighborhood in upward transition with lots of young people and families about. We liked being in the middle of things as we walked a lot each day and spoke to locals. Never felt unsafe. The photos don't do the flat justice. We hated to have to leave it.

Author: Julia

Date of Stay 30 April, 2016 - St Andrew's House


Beautiful place, beautiful furniture, we will come back later.


Author: Abdulla

Date of Stay 24 March, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"A perfect apartment"

We have been very comfortable in the apartment, had everything needed to live, the apartment was very clean in perfect state. The neighborhood is very quiet and near the metro. We would happy to rent the apartment again in the future.

Author: Ivan

Date of Stay 1 March, 2016 - St Andrew's House

"Very nice apartment in a great location"

Very nice apartment in a great location just few minutes from Bermondsey Station, convenient underground to central London as Canary Wharf. Very nice amenities. I will gladly choose again this apartment on my next holiday in London.

Author: Fabrice

Terms And Conditions

1 General 

1.1This document constitutes the standard terms and conditions.  

1.2The Agreement is made on the basis that the Property is to be occupied by the Guest(s)  for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988, Schedule 1 paragraph 9 and the Guest acknowledges that the Agreement shall not confer on the Guest any security of tenure within  the terms of that Act.  

1.3As a holiday letting, the Agreement is an excluded Agreement for the purpose of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977  

1.4Where the Guest comprises two or more people any obligations whether express or implied are deemed to be made jointly and severally.   

1.5The Arrival/Check in time is from 14:00 hrs on the first day of the letting.  The Owner may agree to a variation of this time provided there are no departures from the previous night.  The Guest should check in advance with the Owner/Agent who will oblige where possible  

1.6The Departure/Check out time is from 10:00 hrs on the last day of the letting.  The Owner may agree to a variation of this time provided there are no arrivals on that day.  The Guest should check in advance with the Owner/Agent who will oblige where possible    


2 The Property 

The Property is as specified in the registration form together with any outside space or garden  


3 Payment 

3.1In order to confirm their booking Guests are required to fully complete the registration form and make a non refundable payment of 20% of the total letting fee. Please note that to process the payment a fee of 4% is added to your bill from the payment gateaway. The balance due is payable two weeks prior to arrival. In the event that the Guest fails to make the payments when required then the Owner will deem the Guest to have cancelled the booking in accordance with part 20 of these terms and conditions. Please note that you choose a different method of payment you are kindly requested to still take the transfer fee at your end in order for us to receive the full amount agreed. 

3.2 A security deposit of £300 (or 350 Euro, $ 500) is also payable in cash at arrival or Paypal if you have a Paypal account. Please note not to make a payment with credit card on the section security deposit because we are not able to refund it on your credit card. This fee will be refunded at departure on satisfactory inspection of the property.


4 Insurance 

4.1 At  all  times  throughout  the  Term  the  Owner  shall  effect  suitable  building  insurance  cover  for  the  Property  and  shall  insure  the  Owner's  fixtures,  fittings  and  effects  against  loss  or  damage  by  fire  and  any  other  risks  he  decides  to  insure  against  from  time  to  time,  with  an insurance office of repute for the full cost of reinstatement.  

4.2  The  Guest  must  not  do  anything,  or  fail  to  comply  with  any  requirement,  as  a  result  of  which  the  policy  of  insurance  effected  by  the  Owner  for  the  Property  and  the  Owner's  fixtures,  fittings  and  effects  may  become  void  or  voidable  or  by  which  the  rate  of  premium  on  any  such policy may be increased.   

4.3 The  Guest  must  ensure  at  all  times  that  their  personal  possessions  are  insured.    The  Owner  does  not  accept  any  liability  for  theft  of,  loss  of  or  damage  to  personal  possessions.    The owner suggests that guests arrange adequate travel insurance in case of cancellations.  

4.4 The  Guest  should  also  ensure  that  they  are  insured  in  respect  of  any  personal  accidents, illness  and  any  subsequent  medical  cover.    The  Owner  does  not  accept  any  responsibility  in  this regard.  


5  Underletting 

The  Guest  must  not  assign,  underlet  or  part  with  or  share  possession  of  the  Property  or  any  part  of it.  


6  Use of Property 

The Guest shall use the Property for the purpose of a private holiday residence for a maximum of  ‘agreed’ persons only and not for any other purpose whatsoever and the Guest must not use the  Property  or  any  part  of  it  for  any  improper,  immoral  or  illegal  purposes.    The  Owner  retains the right at all times to refuse access to the property for people who are not members of the Guest’s  party.  


7  Advertisements 

The  Guest  must  not  display  notices  or  advertisements  in  the  windows  or  elsewhere  on the Property.  


8  Nuisance 

The Guest  shall  not  (nor  allow  others  to)  cause  nuisance  or  annoyance  to  the  Owner,  other  Guests or any neighbours.  


9  Damage  

The  Guest  shall  not  (nor  allow  others  to)  cause  any  damage  or  injury  to  the  exterior,  structure  or  any part of the Property or adjoining property.  


10  Alterations to Property 

The  Guest  shall  not  (nor  allow  others  to)  make  any  alterations  or  additions  to  the  Property  or  its  decorations,  fixtures  or  fittings  and  the  Guest  shall  not  (nor  allow  others  to)  remove  any  of  the items specified in the inventory or any of the Owner’s possessions, from the Property.  


11  Maintenance  

11.1  The  Guest  shall  keep  any  fixtures,  fittings  and  effects  of  the  Owner  in  good  repair  and  condition  and  must  replace  any  damaged  fixtures,  fittings  and  effects  with similar  articles  of  at  least equal value, reasonable wear and tear and damage by accidental fire excepted.  

11.2  The Guest must not move any items of furniture from room to room in the Property and  must replace in its original position any furniture that is moved within rooms.  

11.3  The Guest must keep free from all blockages and obstructions all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns or pipes.  


12  Outgoings 

The  Owner  must  pay  all  the  water  and  sewerage  charges  and  any  rates  or  taxes  levied  in  respect of the Property.    


13  Pets 

The  Guest  shall  not  keep  or  allow  pets  of  any  kind  at  the  Property  without  the  express  written permission  of  the  Owner.  If  any  pets  are  permitted  they  must  be  kept  under  strict  control  at  all times  and  must  not  be  left  unattended  in  the Property.  The  Guest  will  be  responsible  for  all  damage caused by the pet.  


14  Reporting Disrepair 

The  Guest  must  report  to  the  Owner  any  disrepair  or  defect  in  respect  of  the  Property  or the  fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances.  


15  Rights of Access 

The  Guest  must  allow  the  Owner,  his  agent  or  contractors  access  to  the  Property  at  reasonable  hours  during  the  day,  to  inspect  the  condition  of  the  Property  or  to  carry  out  repairs  or  other  works  to  the  Property  that  may  be  necessary  during  the  Term  pursuant  to  the  Owner's  repairing  obligations  or  to  carry  out  maintenance  of  the  appliances  or  to  execute  all  work  necessary  to remedy  the  Guest's  breach  of  any  covenant  contained  in  this  Agreement  regarding  repair, maintenance or decoration.  


16  End of the Term 

The  Guest  must  deliver  up  the  Property  at  the  end  of  the  Term  in  the  same  clean  state  and  condition  it  was  in  at  the  beginning  of  the  Term,  reasonable  wear  and  tear  and  damage  by  insured risks excepted.    


17  Safety Regulations 

17.1  The  Owner  confirms  that  all  furniture  and  furnishings  comply  with  the  relevant  fire  safety regulations.  

17.2  The  Owner  shall  ensure  that  all  appliances,  flues  and  installation  pipe  work  in  the  Property are checked by an appropriate maintenance company.  

17.3  The  Owner  confirms  that  all  electrical  appliances  and  equipment  supplied  by  him  are  safe so as not to cause danger.  


18  Public Indemnity and public Liability 

Owner  and/or  the  Agent  do  not  accept  any  responsibility  or  liability  for  acts  of  omission  of  third  parties, which may prevent or disrupt a Customers booking. The booking contract exists between  the  Owner  and  the  Guest  and  is  limited  to  the  rental  of  the  Property  and  associated  facilities  only.  The  information  and  descriptions  supplied  are  believed  to  be  accurate  and  are  offered  in  good faith. It may be possible that certain facilities or features may not be available on occasions  due  to  circumstances  beyond  the  Owners  control  for  which  the  Owner  and/or  the  Agent  accepts  no  liability.  In  addition,  no  liability  can  be  accepted  by  the  Owner  and/or  Agent  for  any  injury, loss  or  damage  to  the  Customer,  any  member  of  the  Customers  party  or  any  visitor  to  the  Property arising out of or in connection with the use of the Property or Facilities.   


 19  Force Majeure  

The  Owner  will  not  be  liable  or  accountable  for  any  unforeseen  situations  or  unforeseen  circumstances.    This  may  be  such  situations  as  freak  weather  conditions,  local  or  national  strikes,  or anything out of the ordinary.  


20 Cancellations 

If cancellation is made by the Guest more than 3 weeks before the arrival date then the Agent will be entitled to retain the letting fee already paid. If cancellation is made by the Guest within 3 week's of the arrival date then the Guest is responsible for the full letting fee. Please note that we trust our Guests to pay the fee regardless of the fact that they may not have paid it in advance.

In  the  unlikely  event  that  the  apartment  becomes  unavailable,  due  to  any  circumstances,  then  the  Guest  will  be  offered  a  full  refund.  Any  refund  is  restricted  to  the letting  fee  or  total  sum paid  by  the Guest  at  date  of  cancellation,  whichever  is  the  lesser.  In  the  event  that  no  suitable accommodation can be offered then a full refund of any sums paid will be given.  


21  Keys 

When  possible  we  will  give  you  the  keys  on  your  arrival  ourselves.  Let  us  know  at  what  time  you  are  planning  to  arrive. Please note that if you ask for a special early or late check-in/out, we'll charge you with a fee due to the unsociable working hours:

- Check-in before 10:00 am £ 20 
- Check-in after 8:00 pm £ 20
- Check in after 11:00 pm £ 40
- Check-out before 8:00 am (if you want to have the apartment checked) £ 20


Photocopies of your passports or ID cards are required in order to receive the keys and for us to retain as security measure. Please remember to take a copy of the document of each guest to leave with us at check in.